The Mount Hotel is richly abundant with history, and whilst offering modern comforts is always important to us, we cherish the hotel’s past. From the moment you step into The Mount’s reception, you’ll feel the vibrant history meshed with modern touches, a truly special combination.

The Mount was acquired by the Mander family of Wolverhampton for £5000 back in 1890. They refurbished the property extensively, then went on to build the beautiful Wightwick Manor, The Mount’s sister house less than 1000m away. The two properties share many likenesses in design with Wightwick Manor now a famous and popular National Trust site.

Although the two homes were designed and built by the same builders and craftsmen, and almost mirrored interiors and furnishings of the ‘Old English revival style’, The Mount is remembered as the light, lavish and convenient of the two properties.

The Mount was built for comfort and entertaining, reputed for its French food and fine wine, where Wightwick was austere and all but teetotal. Both Wightwick and The Mount were technically advanced and comfortable by the standards of the day, with central heating, electric light, and above all, ingenious planning.

The most grandeur and breathtaking room of The Mount is the Library, now known as the Great Hall. It was often described as one of the most elegant Edwardian rooms in the Midlands. With its sprung floor in Canadian maple, it was a magnificent setting for exquisite balls, and today, many people choose this room to host their dream wedding. 

When it came to entertaining, The Mount was practically designed for it, hosting grand scale events publicly as well as privately. Charles Tertius Mander had been raised to a baronetcy for his public services in the Coronation Honours of 1911. He often entertained political speakers at The Mount, which was a popular location for national figures and celebrities. Queen Mary stayed twice, and the Hotel played host to stars such as The Beatles and Genesis. Today, The Mount continues in popularity and often welcomes sports stars, musicians and national figures. 

Sadly in 1929, Charles Tertius Mander was unfortunately killed in a hunting accident, leaving his wife Mary a widow. The Mount was far too large for post-war servant less living, and finally, in 1952 Charles Marcus Mander sold the house at auction. The Mount was in the family for just ninety years. Luckily, with the surrounding areas of Tettenhall, Wrottersley and Perton growing, and Wolverhampton expanding in popularity and size, there was an ever-increasing need for a hotel, so in 1952 a luxury hotel was born.

In 2011, the Wolverhampton-based Bernard family took ownership of The Mount and restored it to its former glory, making it into the popular independent 4* hotel it is today.


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