Covid Safe Customer Confident

As a family business we are passionate about the service that we provide to guests, we are however equally as passionate about the safety and security of our guests and team members

As such we feel that measures and steps need to be taken to ensure that anyone who visits or is part of our work family at The Mount Hotel can do so knowing that we have taken steps to ensure our guest have the safest experience possible. and our team can enjoy work in the safest conditions.

We would rather that our guests felt comfortable and under no concerns regarding rescheduling than felt pressured to attend in an unsafe manner all we ask is that you advise us asap so we can plan effectively, we have updated our terms and conditions page to give our guests this comfort.

We have started to plan for our reopening and would like to share some of our safety measures with yourselves to ensure you are confident on your return to The Mount we will be implementing sneeze screens on our bars and reception counters as well as regular hand sanitizer points around our venue there will also be a large foot operated sanitizer unit upon arrival.

We are working on reduced tables and chairs to maintain physical distancing; this will ensure that all guests have 2 metres between them and strategic chair positioning to ensure no direct face to face positioning

We are aware many of our returning customers have been isolating and shielding and as we will be doing larger scale events as we are advised it is safe to do so we have invested in a state of the art discreet camera technology that detects the temperature of our team members and guests to identify anyone who may have possible C19 symptoms, our team have been trained to handle such identification as sensitively as possible. The guest will not be required to interact with the system and guests should be rest assured that no data is stored or collected in respect of this measure. Customers who are identified by the system as having a high temperature may unfortunately be refused a admission we appreciate that this will be disappointing and we can assure you that we mean no offence however we feel that for the safety of all guests and team.

We have ensured that our garden is accessible, and volumes reduced within the outdoor space to maintain physical distancing

Of Course we have maintained our high levels of cleanliness and stepped up area checks across all spaces this includes extensive dedicated toilet cleaning regime on an hourly basis using commercial grade products.

Work in our kitchen has started to split the kitchen team adopt physical distancing, restricted preparation of ingredients and traceability monitoring to identify who has handled all ingredients and full traceability connected to the sourcing of our products from our 100% UK based supply chain.

We will be adopting contactless payments this includes Apple Pay, Debit/Credit/Amex Cards

We appreciate that the above measures may not give the same ambiance that is expected or what you are used too, we do however feel that at such times its essential that the safety of our guests and team comes first, we will of course welcome you in our usual friendly and warm way.

Furthermore, the above measures and all associated risks identified have been covered within our Covid 19 Measures Risk Assessment which is available for every guest to view by email at and requesting a copy, the risk is assessment is continually under review with dynamic updates as is this policy.

It is important that we all act responsibly during this pandemic for the protection of each other and we ask our guests to support us by communicating effectively so that we can best protect you, our fellow guests and team it is only such cooperation, communication and collective commitment that will ensure independent family based Hotels such as The Mount Survive and keep you safe.

We therefore appreciate your ongoing support and wish you and your family a safe and secure return to normal